Why can't I select a field/element to filter on when creating a filter on a Microsoft SQL Server BCP Operation

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Create a process that employs a Microsoft SQL Server BCP Connector query operation, add filter, but unable to designate the field/element to filter on.  (See Attached document for example of behavior)

The BCP connector does not allow filters as indicated in the documentation listed below. Please see the section entitled "Options Tab".
Below is an excerpt from that section:
The Objects and Filters tabs are visible but are not used by the Microsoft SQL Server BCP connector.
Please see this document:

You will need to use a different database connector type if you want to be able to query or get and use filters.
Please see this documentation for options:

Another option would be to create a temp table in your database, use a program command component in your process, that calls a stored procedure or a SQL command that updates the temp table based on your filter criteria, then have the Bulk Copy query access the temp table.