Why do I need to whitelist Boomi's IP addresses?

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Why do I need to whitelist Boomi's IP addresses?
The IP addresses for the Dell Boomi Atom Cloud, Test Atom Cloud and Dell Boomi Platform or listed at the following link.


To communicate with the Dell Boomi platform it is advised that you whitelist the Dell Boomi platform IP addresses for incoming/outgoing traffic.  Some network requirements are stricter than others. For reference, Dell Boomi’s data security is described in detail at the following link which includes related links:


To configure your Atom or Molecule to accept requests made from the Dell Boomi Atom Cloud or the Dell Boomi Test Atom Cloud, you may need to allow access for the following IP ranges in your client application or firewall settings to be able to communicate using our resources.

Here is an example scenario:


You plan to deploy a "listener" process (e.g. for web service server, AS2 server, jms listener or queue listener) on a local atom/molecule.
You then plan to either
a) make requests using a calling process (e.g. using a soap client connector, http client connector, as2 client connector, jms send, etc..) deployed on the Dell Boomi Atom Cloud or
b) make request using a client application that needs to have connectivity to the listening process on the atom cloud.
Opening up the firewall will allow the processes/machines to communicate at the network socket layer.


The Dell Boomi Atom Cloud runs on multiple nodes, so a range of IP addresses is required to be white-listed.

The Test Atom Cloud uses a single IP range, so if you have Test Licenses and plan to deploy the above scenario to the Dell Boomi Test Atom Cloud, it will be a different IP value.

Since the Dell Boomi platform is an integration development platform, there may be other scenarios which require communications be opened up from the Atom Clouds. To determine that it would depend on each user's use case and how you are using Boomi.
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