How To Move a Group of Steps on the Process Canvas

Document created by paul_pasko Employee on Sep 30, 2011
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There will be times when you'll need to move a collection of steps around within the Process canvas.  Instead of moving one step at a time, individually, you can group the steps together and then move that grouping as a whole to a select location.

For example, here we have a Process with a Decision step containing a True and False path.  We want to connect the False path with the remaining 3 steps in our Process:


We could just drag the arrow on the end of the False path and connect it to the Map shape to close the path.  For aesthetics, however, you may want to move the grouping of steps to line up with the current placement of the False path.  To accomplish this, simply drag your mouse over the grouping of steps.  You'll notice a semi-transparent box forming over the shapes.


Once the mouse is let go, you'll noticed the step icons are surrounded by the semi-transparent rectangle and a window appears above the grouping stating that, in this case, 3 objects are selected.  To then move this selection, click and drag one of the shape icons to the desired location.   It's important that you click and drag one of the icons and not just anywhere within the surrounding rectangle.


Once the grouping is moved to the desired location, click and drag the arrow from the path so that it properly connects to the new grouping (turning from a red to green arrow):