How to View the Final DB Write SQL Statements with Parameter Values Inserted.

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As a Process Developer, you may want to view the SQL statement(s) and parameter values used to write to a database.  It's important to note that for DB SQL parameters, viewing the complete SQL statement only works for writes and not reads.  You can, however, view the incoming parameters within the Process log.

The following solution will review how to accomplish this.

Let’s look at an example Process shown below.  Here, we have a DB Write Operation component named ‘Purchase Order Insert’.


This Operation (Purchase Order Insert) references a Profile (Order Insert):


Within this profile (Order Insert), we’re choosing it to be a Dynamic Insert, where the data will be inserted into the DB table named ‘Order Header’:


We’ll open the DB Connection component (Boomi Training DB):


Within the Connection component, there’s an Advanced Options tab.  It’s from this tab that we can choose to export the sql file to disk.

***Important Note***
If the ‘Write SQL To File?’ option is checked, the actual writing of data to the DB is NOT performed.  If you wish to both write the data to the DB and also export the sql file to disk, you can insert a Branch step and have one path using this Advanced Options feature (writing the sql file to disk) and have the other path writing the data to the DB.


Take note that the file was successfully exported to the SQL File Path.

***Important Note***
In order to successfully write the SQL file to disk, the Atom being used must have access to the machine where the file path exists.