How to Compare a First Value to Multiple Second Values in a Single Decision Step

Document created by paul_pasko Employee on Oct 8, 2012
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Let's assume you wish to compare a First Value to multiple possible Second Values within a Decision Step.  For example, assume you are reading in Documents and wish to only filter out Documents which have a Billing State from either TX or IL or CA or NY.  Instead of stringing together 4 separate Decision Steps to accomplish this task (as shown below), there is a more efficient solution.


Although we can use Business Rules Step to handle this, there's also a nifty way to use Regular Expressions within a single Decision Step to accomplish this.  Our multi-Decision Process above, can now accomplish the same objective using a single Decision Step:


When configuring the Decision Step, be sure to use 'Matches Regular Expressions' as the Compare Type.  For the Second Value, choose Type 'Static' and enter all the values you wish the First Value to be compared, separating them by pipe characters ( | ).  The resulting Decision Properties window should like similar to:

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