AtomSphere Process Reporting Enhancements 7/10/13

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Dell Boomi has enhanced AtomSphere’s Process Reporting page by adding new features, improving existing functionality and modifying the user interface to provide better workflow. This article highlights some of the principle changes to the Process Reporting page. For a more in depth look at AtomSphere’s Process Reporting functions, please visit the AtomSphere Reference Guide.

To access AtomSphere’s Process Reporting page, log into AtomSphere and choose Process Reporting from the Manage dropdown menu.

The Process Reporting page shows information about deployed processes and their related documents and logs. By default, AtomSphere displays all process executions that occurred in the account within the past hour. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of Past Hour to change the time period. Choose Apply to implement and the results will automatically refresh.

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Click on the + sign to add other filters, such as “filter by atom” or “filter by process”. Active filters will be displayed on the menu bar and can be removed by clicking on    0EM40000000POh0      Click on  0EM40000000POh5    to close all filters.

The Process Reporting page has filters that you can use to:
  •           Find process executions, documents or Trading Partner documents
  •           Find processing results that occurred within a specific time frame
  •           Find processing results based on specific criteria. For example, you can find process executions that ran on a particular Atom.
  •           View all, failed, or successful process executions or documents.
The filters vary, based on whether you are searching by process execution, document or Trading Partner document.

Dell Boomi has made it easier to manually execute a process from the Process Reporting page. Click on Execute Process and select an Atom from the dialog box. A list of attached processes appears. Click on a process and choose Execute. Click on Refresh or turn on Auto-Refresh to update results each minute.

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Click on the date/time link of the process row in the “Time” column for more information about the process execution. A Document Detail View slides over from the right side of the screen. There is no Document Detail View for Trading Partner executions.

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In the Document Detail View, you can view:
  •           Detailed information about the process execution
  •           Each connection in the process
  •           How many documents succeeded or failed
  •           Documents and document logs
  •           Errors details and Boomi Resolve
Click on the arrows   0EM40000000POhj   to navigate back, or to next or previous executions.
0EM40000000POho  0EM40000000POht
Click on a connection to access more details and click on the   0EM40000000POhy   for  a dropdown menu of more options.
In the Document Detail View, the Start connection includes inbound documents and all other connections show outbound documents.

Error Details: By clicking on the Documents with Errors row, the Document Errors view slides over from the right side of the screen. The Error Details tab of this view provides information about the execution error. When creating a case with Dell Boomi’s technical support team, please copy and paste the contents of the Error Details tab, including the Stack Trace into the case.


Click on the Boomi Resolve tab to view possible solutions to the error, retrieved from the Boomi Resolve database. This database relates unique AtomSphere error messages to articles in the Boomi User Community Knowledge Base and the Boomi Reference Guide. A single article may be related to multiple errors messages and a single error may be related to multiple articles. The Boomi Resolve database is continuously growing as Boomi publishes new articles and reference information. Possible solutions are listed descending order of relevancy.


For more information on Dell Boomi AtomSphere’s Process Reporting enhancements, please visit the AtomSphere Reference Guide.