Need to edit and re-run as2 documents

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Received via an AS2 listener process records from a Trading Partner that contained incorrect data.  Want edit the inbound file and re-run instead of requesting a new corrected file from the Trading Partner in interest of processing the order in a timely manner.
1. Confirm that the process in the build tab is the same as the deployed process by doing a compare from the deployment tab.
2. Edited the Start Shape and change the Trading Partner start shape communication from AS2 to disk.  (If you don't need to send an acknowledgment then disconnect the Acknowledgment shape)
3. Update the trading partner and add disk communication and configured it accordingly.
4. Run the documents through after the data is corrected, in Test Mode.

This will only work if the documents do not exceed the current test limits for size/number of documents

5.  Once rerun is complete, return the Trading Partner Start Shape to it's original configuration and the process to it's original configuration.