Master Process: Using the branch step

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Use Case

I have 3 processes I want to run.  Process 1 must run successfully before process 2 can run and process 2 must run successfully before process 3 can run.  If process 1 or 2 fails, I do not want to go any further.  I want to schedule this to run every hour.



To accomplish this, a master process would need to be created. The master process begins with a No Data start shape.


Next a branch step would need to be applied to control the flow of your process.  Each process call will be defined as the diagram below with the wait for process to complete and the abort if process fails checked on.


So the master process would look and flow as the diagram below, only going to process 2 if process 1 is successful and only going to process 3 if process 2 is successful:

Must succeed to continue
Must succeed to continue
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