How to check for Asynchronous MDN transmission failures

Document created by mike_aronson Employee on Dec 5, 2013
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How to check for Asynchronous MDN transmission failures (e.g. this is related to EDI/AS2/X12...)
For EDI, In Process Reporting, the 'Document Details' slideout (when you click on one of the executions) shows the status of an MDN Message.  When set to 'processed' means that the AS2 shared server connector sent out a MDN in response to the document that was received.
The 'processed' status means that Boomi has generated the MDN. Boomi does not display whether or not the MDN was sent back successfully.

To check for failures with regards to the actual transmission of an Asynchronous MDN, you can check for the following:
1. Download the atom container log (from Manage -> Atom Management -> select the atom -> under Atom Properties, select Download Atom Log).

If an Asynchronous MDN fails, a log message similar to "Error sending MDN Message for Message ID:" will be logged in the container log with the message ID and reason for failure.
2.  If a local atom, log on the atom server, check the <atom_home>/as2mdn/error directory for the MDN file. If an Asynchoronous MDN fails, an xml file should be written to that directory. To find the correct file, search all error files for the ID that you are looking for, or find it based on the file timestamps.