Process execution is stuck in pending state and preventing subsequent executions from running

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The process execution has actually been killed on the server, but the process status is still showing pending. The process options for this process is set to NOT Allow Simultaneous Executions.

This scenario will prevent future executions from running, and any attempt to run this process are failing due to the "Process is already running" error.
Locate the process ID and execution ID from Process Reporting by selecting the gear icon
next to the stuck process and select View Extended Information.

If the process is executing on the Dell Boomi Atom Cloud, open a case with Dell Boomi Support and provide the account ID, process ID and execution ID. We will perform the steps outlined below on the Dell Boomi Atom Cloud for you.

If the process is on a LOCAL atom/molecule/cloud, under the atom installation directory, the execution can be found in the directory execution/current/

There should be a file called {PROCESS_ID}.lck that is not 0 bytes in size. 

If this is a molecule/cloud, inside this file, there is going to be the IP address of the node that the process ran on.

Login to the node as the administrator, and execute the command ‘ps -ef | grep {EXECUTION_ID}’ to see if the process is actually still running.  

If it is, you can kill the process (typically the process is not running anymore). 

Rename the *.lck file to *.ignorelock

There may also be two files that start with the {EXECUTION_ID}.  One should be {EXECUTION_ID}.dat and the other will be something like {EXECUTION_ID}.{PROCESS_ID}.cur.  Rename both of these files to *.ignoredat and *.ignorecur

Re-execute the process from Process Reporting.

In the event that new process executions are still not starting, you should make sure the "Force Restart After x Minutes" is set to a value greater than zero (Manage - Atom Management - Atom Properties) and restart the atom.
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