Version of AtomSphere is out of date alert message

Document created by justin_petrone Employee on Jul 10, 2012
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When using Chrome, the following Alert message is displayed:
"Your version of AtomSphere is out of date, please refresh your screen"

This is a known issue with Google Chrome browser. Please attempt the follow steps to resolve the error:

1. You can change the zoom level in Google Chrome within a browsing session by hitting (Ctrl+) to zoom in and (Ctrl-) to zoom out).  Change the zoom level of the browser back to the default by clicking on the Menu icon ( 3 horizontal lines ) in the upper-right of the browser-->toggle the zoom back to 100%-->either click Exit or click outside the window:


2. Logout of AtomSphere, then hold CTRL + F5 to refresh the cache:


3. You may need to adjust your screen resolution

4. If you are seeing the error even after setting the zoom level to 100%, the next time you see this error, please to do the following:

a. While on the tab with the error, select the menu on the top right. Select Tools/ Developer Tools ( or just do Ctrl + Shift + i ).
Click on the console tab.
b. At the prompt > type the following:
document.width / document.body.clientWidth;
and hit Enter
c. Report what is returned.
d. Take a screenshot of that page and open a support case with the information returned in step c along with the screen-shot.