How to use the Exception Shape

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How to use the Exception Shape
The exception shape will result in the process being marked as a failure


If you select "stop only a single document", the rest of the documents will complete the current "path" within the process, but other branches will not be processed.  It is as if the branch were treated as a process, i.e. all documents will finish the branch, but ultimately, the branch will fail, and the rest of the branches will not execute.


A flow control shape will act this way as well.  If an early document through the flow control, were to reach the exception, the process will stop at this point, because that "path" essentially failed.  Remaining documents will not leave the flow control shape.


If you desire your process to completely finish all "good" documents, you should consider the use of a try-catch paired with the exception shape.  You may use an exception shape, to "throw" an exception back to the try/catch block...


In this manner, the try/catch will avoid the entire process failing, and allow the subsequent branches to be executed.


Note: calling a sub process with an exception shape adds additional complexity.  Take note of the option to "Abort if process fails"
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