How to install the JCE security policy files on the atom for data encryption capabilities?

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The client would need to do AS2 as part of his Boomi integration and hence would need to have the ''Unlimited Strength Cryptography'" set to true on his atom.


Please follow the instructions below :


1) Log in to the atom server and stop the atom service.You may need to wait a little longer for the atom status to show RED on the platform.Also verify the logs located under C:\Boomi AtomSphere\Atom -name\logs to see if the service has completely stopped.


Note : In the logs ,you would find 'Atom is stopping' messages followed by this line below :
"[com.boomi.container.core.AccountManager updateStatus] Updating account manager status from STARTED to STOPPED"


Make sure there are no atom.exe process running in the task manager.There shouldn't be a desktop atom running when the service is stopped.


2) Download the policy files and instructions for Java 6 or Java 7.
The Java version of the atom should match with the version of policy files.


3) Navigate to the atom installation directory as indicated below :


C:\Boomi AtomSphere\<atom_name\.install4j directory and view either the pref_jre.cfg or inst_jre.cfg file. If the pref_jre.cfg file exists, it takes precedence. If it does not exist, view just the inst_jre.cfg file.


[Here is an example location for reference: C:\Program Files\java\jre7\lib\security]


Navigate to the location shown in pref_jre.cfg file and remove the following jar files




Replace them with the jar files included in the JCE Policy file download from step 2


4) Start the atom service. The atom status on the platform will show GREEN when the service has completely started. You could also take a look at the logs folder to verify the atom status --- "Updating account manager listener status from STOPPED to STARTED"


5) The 'Unlimited Strength Cryptography' should now be set to true.


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