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This guide provides an overview of the various help and support options available to you as a Dell Boomi customer or partner. As a new or existing user, you have access to a vast list of resources including the Dell Boomi Community, Support Portal, User Guide, Status site, Services resources, and Customer Success to help you maximize your success with the tool.


We are here to help you succeed. Please refer to this guide often to help you ramp-up quickly.


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AtomSphere Platform Login

User Guide

Official product documentation

Within the platform, Help & Feedback menu > User Guide


AtomSphere (


API Management (

Dell Boomi Community

Forums, knowledge base, video library, ideas, user groups

Within the platform, Help & Feedback menu > Community


Support Portal

Contact technical support, case management

Within the platform, Help & Feedback menu > Support


Current system status and announcements for platform and hosted Atom Cloud environments

Within the platform, Platform Status & Announcements (footer)


Professional Services

Training, Certification, Consulting
Dell Boomi Website




The Dell Boomi Community is your one-stop-shop to find answers, share best practices and discuss integration topics with fellow users, and stay up to date with Dell Boomi products. Whether you're a customer, partner, or developer, a brand new user or experienced architect, the community is your single destination for all the resources you need to be successful.


Community Features

  • About the Community - Learn how to get started and best leverage the community.
  • Community Forums - Ask questions and discuss integration topics with your fellow users.
  • Knowledge Center - Browse Dell Boomi-authored content including knowledge articles, implementation guides, training videos, and more.
  • Ideas for Boomi - Share your ideas for innovating and enhancing our products. Ideas for Boomi is restricted to registered customer users only.
  • News - Stay up to date with news and announcements on various topics such as best practices, feature deep dives, integration musings, and community announcements.


Accessing the Community


The community is publicly accessible and anyone including guests can view the community. However, you will need to log in with your AtomSphere credentials to post questions and comments.


To access the community from within AtomSphere, go to Help & Feedback menu (question mark icon) > Community.


Alternatively you can access the community directly at


Community Forums


The forums are where community members come together to ask and answer questions about integration development and design, error messages, and product features. You can easily search existing discussions to find correct and helpful answers or post a new question. If you find a question or topic that you about, why not respond and share your expertise?




Knowledge Center


Browse Dell Boomi authored content including knowledge articles, implementation guides, video library, and more. Here you can learn more about our products and get help resolving technical issues.


User Guide


The User Guide is the official product documentation. It contains the core terms and concepts you need to understand when building integration processes. To access the User Guide from within your AtomSphere account, go to Help & Feedback menu (question mark icon) > User Guide.


Alternatively go directly to:




Contacting Technical Support

Support Services: Dell Boomi’s goal is to provide support according to the tables below, depending on the level of support you’ve purchased. Standard Business Hours are defined by region:

Asia Pacific (APAC): 8am — 8pm GMT+11, Monday — Friday
Americas: 8am — 8pm ET, Monday — Friday
Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA): 8am — 8pm GMT, Monday — Friday

Extended Business Hours are from Sunday 5pm – Friday 8pm ET.


StandardPremierPremier Plus
Hours of CoverageStandard Business Hours
24x7 for Severity 1
24x5 for all Severity Levels
24x7 for Severity 1
24x7 for all Severity Levels
Support ChannelsUser Forums
24x7 Web Portal Access

User Forums

24x7 Web Portal Access
Live Chat

24x7 Web Portal Access
Live Chat


Support Options


  • Portal (Recommended) – Through your AtomSphere Platform account, a client may access the support portal to log a case with the Dell Boomi Technical Support team.
  • Email – The client may submit an email problem request to which will log a support case. Response times are not guaranteed with this method.
  • PhoneAvailable 24x5 starting Sunday 8 p.m. ET through Friday, 8 p.m. ET. The client may call the technical support number located within the portal to submit the details of their issue to create a support case or to report a Sev1 issue (24x7 is available with Premier Plus Support, 24x5 is available with Premier Support).
  • Live Chat – Available 24x5 starting Sunday 8 p.m. ET through Friday, 8 p.m. ET. Live Chats are available for simple problems that can be resolved quickly (24x7 is available with Premier Plus Support, 24x5 is available with Premier Support).


Severity Definitions and Response Times


Support Response TimeStandardPremierPremier Plus
Severity 1 (Urgent): Security breach, production down, or complete system failure. Significant parts of the system are not secure or are inaccessible or inoperable. There is no viable workaround.1 hour1 hour1 hour
Severity 2 (High): Primary business requirements could not be met. There are no easily apparent viable workarounds. Performance, functionality, or usability is seriously degraded.2 business days8 business hours4 business hours
Severity 3 (Medium): Business requirements can be met with the system. Workaround is apparent. Performance, functionality, or usability is not seriously degraded.2 business days8 business hours4 business hours
Severity 4 (Low): May be addressed in a future release at Dell Boomi’s discretion. Minor typos, wish list suggestions, but not a required change. Would not affect release accuracy or usability in any significant way.2 business days8 business hours4 business hours


Accessing the Support Portal


To access the support portal from within AtomSphere, go to Help & Feedback menu (question mark icon) > Support.



On the Support home page, look for the Contact Support section with the contact options available to you based upon your support agreement:

  • Chat – Start a Live Chat with a support agent
  • Open a Case – Open a new support case
  • Call Us – Click to display the support phone number for your support level



Creating a Case


Make sure to fill in all pertinent information in the form. This will help our support team resolve your issue most efficiently. When choosing Severity Level, remember that Severity 1 issues only include security breaches or complete system failures in which significant parts of the system are not secure or are inaccessible or inoperable and there is no viable workaround.


Note that Severity 1 only applies to production environments, not development or testing. Most issues, production or not, will be Severity 2.



  • Product: Select the product to which this case pertains
  • Type of Issue: Choose "Production Error" or "Development Error" depending on environment
  • Severity: Leave default of "2"
  • Phone: *Mandatory* for call back assistance
  • Status: Leave default of "New"
  • Parent Case: If this case relates to an existing case, enter the other case number, otherwise leave blank


What to Include in the Case


Description Information Section


In this section please provide as much information as possible. The more information you can provide about the issue, the context in which it occurred, your relevant environment details, and what you  have done already to troubleshoot, the quicker we can start working to a resolution. When in doubt, more details are always better.



  • Subject: Summary of the issue as specifically as possible. Examples:
    • Less helpful: "Process not working please help"
    • More helpful: "Unknown host exception when trying to connect to HTTP endpoint"
  • Description: Provide concise details of the issue and include any helpful information that will more easily point to the error logged in your account.
  • Error Message: Refer to the error in the Process Reporting screen by clicking on the execution time stamp then clicking on the error below the process name within the Document view. Copy & Paste the error message from the Stack trace window.





  • Steps Taken: Share the steps you have taken to troubleshoot the issue thus far. This can provide additional clarification on the issue and avoid recommendations that you have already tried. Copying URL links from your browser will help point to important components that will help Support assess the issue more quickly and thoroughly.



  • Business Impact: Provide the business context of the issue, especially for severe or escalated issues.



Environment Information Section


In this section, please identify and highlight the specific components that are failing.


  • Component/Process URL: This is a browser URL link pointing to the exact execution or component that you are trying to troubleshoot. Follow these steps to ensure that you are copying & pasting the proper URL.


  1. Find the execution that failed, click on the gear icon and select View Extended Information from the drop down menu




2. Highlight the Execution ID from the menu, Right click & copy the ID string and Close the window




3. Click on the Add a Filter button and Select Execution ID from the Filter Type dropdown



4. Paste the Execution ID into the box and Select Apply




5. Note how it isolates the Execution in the Process Reporting view and Copy & Paste the full URL string into the Component/Process URL box in the Case




  • Operation System: Choose one from the selection menu:

  • Core Concept: Select the Boomi Platform category that is most closely related to your question/issue:

  • Connectors: Select the Connector that is most closely related to your question/issue.  This option is only available if you select "Connector" as the Core Concept above.

  • Process Component: Select the Process Component that is most closely related to your question/issue.  This option is only available if you select "Process Component" as the Core Concept above.

  • Select Submit or Submit & Add Attachment.


Case Submission and Follow-Up


After submitting the case, you will receive a response according to your Boomi Support Policy. As we troubleshoot the issue, we will communicate with you by posting comments to the case. You will receive email notifications alerting you an update to your case is available and you can view the case updates via the Support Portal > Cases tab. Please do not reply to the email notification. To respond, simply add a comment to the case through the Support Portal.  Dell Boomi Support can also add additional team members to your case so that others on your team can receive case comment notification emails as well.  If you wish to add additional team members to your case, please add a comment in the case with the email addresses of your team members and request that they also be added to the case.


Severity 1

If the platform user interface is inaccessible or your process running on a hosted Atom Cloud environment are failing, please check Status ( for the latest platform status before contacting support.

Again a Severity 1 issue means Production use of Boomi products on a primary business service, major application, or mission critical system is stopped or so severely impacted that the client cannot reasonably continue work.


Severity Level 1 problems could have the following characteristics:

  • Platform down
  • Atom Cloud down
  • MDM Cloud down
  • "Production" processes hang or crash situations
  • "Production" data loss or data corruption
  • Critical functionality not working after a Dell Boomi release
  • Rollback functionality not working after an atom or connector update was applied during release control


For Severity Level 1 problems, we will begin work on the problem within the guidelines of the Boomi Service Description. For issues that may involve a Dell Boomi OEM or Reseller Partner,  the expectation is that partner resources will be available in Severity Level 1 situations, and the partner will reasonably cooperate with Boomi to resolve the issue.


Severity 1 Call Procedure


Call the Premier Support Phone Number for your region (available in support portal):

  • Please have your PIN # available.
  • The support team will respond to the call by creating a new case (if not already created) and starting to investigate the issue.
  • Weekend calls will be retrieved by Dell Boomi’s call service and immediately relayed to the on-call support team member via phone and email.
  • Support team member begins the investigation of the issue and updates the case comments within the guidelines of the Dell Boomi SLA..
  • Support team will engage the backline operations and engineering teams as necessary.
  • case comments will be updated on regular intervals to keep the client informed of any updates with the case. Comments can be viewed through the support portal.
  • Support team will communicate the resolution to the client through email and case comments.
  • Support team reviews any client comments and follows up to verify a complete resolution.


Escalating a Case (Non Severity 1)


  • Contact Boomi Support through the case or the Premier Support number with additional information to pass along to the Boomi Support Team regarding escalating the case.
  • Based on current case volume, the escalated case will be prioritized for additional focus and the Support Manager will instruct the support team to provide attention to the escalated case.
  • If the escalated case requires backline engineering attention, you will be notified and the Support Manager will act as a point to the Engineering team.
  • The Support Team will provide updates regarding the case through the support portal, email and phone.


Best Practices for Contacting Support


  1. For faster resolution, enter a case through the support portal and provide as much diagnostic information as possible. This reduces the number of interactions to resolve a case.
  2. For Severity 1 cases, enter the case through the portal with diagnostic information, include adding ‘Severity 1 / Production Down’ in the case description and then call the Premier Support phone number (in support portal) with your PIN # and referencing the case number. If your support plan is not Premier or Premier Plus, call the number referenced on the website, 1-866-407-6599 (Toll free in US), 1-503-470-5056 (International) and reference the case number.
  3. Leverage the Dell Boomi Community resources for knowledge base, community forums, and training materials.
  4. Use Live Chat for simple questions and the support portal for complex questions.
  5. Check for the current platform status.
  6. Be prepared to share your business impact and intended process flow.


Status Site


The Status site ( displays the current status of the AtomSphere platform and various Atom Cloud hosted environments.


In addition, you can find:

  • Current status and updates to system-wide issues
  • Live and historical data on system performance
  • Notifications on scheduled maintenance windows and release schedule
  • Information on how we secure your data



Professional Services


With our training, support, and consulting resources, you can accelerate implementation, reduce time-to-value with the Dell Boomi platform and ensure the success of your business-to-business (B2B) application and data integration initiatives.


Training and Certification


Our training curriculum includes instructor lead on-site instruction at a Dell Boomi training facility or your location. We also offer a remote training option and other self-service options.

  • Classroom training at Dell Boomi: Our live, interactive classes focus on real business scenarios and Dell Boomi best practices. Classroom training is relevant for novice users and advanced developers and is the fastest, most thorough way to build your integration skill set.
  • Remote training: We provide remote training options offered in a public class setting.
  • Custom training: A Dell Boomi Certified Instructor will work with your staff to develop custom courses and deliver them remotely or in-person at your facility.
  • Self-service training: Dell Boomi customers have on-demand access to a growing library of recorded training sessions, tutorials, and fully configured integration's.


For more information please see Training and Certification.


Consulting Services


The Dell Boomi professional services team offers expertise in integration development and best practices. We can advise your organization at critical implementation checkpoints, deliver a complete, production-ready integration, or provide custom training for your IT staff. Working with our consultants, you’ll gain confidence, knowing that your implementation will succeed.


With Dell Boomi consulting, you can:

  • Reduce time-to-value through faster implementation
  • Improve integration design
  • Avoid costly rework
  • Identify additional opportunities to increase ROI


Our consultants can help your organization with:

  • Architectural design and validation
  • Process development
  • On-site or remote JumpStarts
  • Team augmentation
  • Best practices review


Our engagement models are flexible so please click here to learn more.


Customer Success


The Customer Success team provides assistance to help you get the most out of your Dell Boomi investment. We want you to be a completely satisfied “Customer for Life”.  We offer a variety of programs to improve your overall experience including; quarterly check-ins, proactive monitoring, as well as serving as an escalation point for account and technical issues.


For more information please click here.




Dell Boomi AtomSphere integration Platform as a Service enables you to integrate any combination of cloud and on-premise applications without software, appliances, or coding. The resources in this guide are available to help you be successful from day one.


Thanks for choosing Dell Boomi!

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