Error: Error Executing Quickbooks Get; Caused by: 80040414

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Error Executing Quickbooks Get; Caused by: 80040414



A modal dialog box is showing in the QuickBooks user interface. Your application cannot access QuickBooks until the user dismisses the dialog box.



To fix this, locate and close the dialogue box to enable your processes to run successfully:

  1. Dismiss any open QuickBooks dialog boxes on the PC/server where the Atom is installed, and try again. Be aware that other Windows users logged onto the server and running QuickBooks in their own session will still cause a conflict. Verify QuickBooks is not displaying a modal dialog in any of the other users' sessions. The easiest method is often to instruct all users to close QuickBooks.
  2. Verify you can open QuickBooks on the PC/server as a normal end user and see if you get any popups before the "Choose a Company File" dialog. If you get a dialog that says "Internet Security Levels Are Set Too High", you may be running into a known QuickBooks issue and should follow the steps here. This is more common on server-based installs because shared servers often have more restrictive internet access settings.
  3. If the popup is related to a third party plugin such as credit card processing or web store integration, try to contact the vendor for more information. If there is no way to suppress the popup, the solution is to simply leave the QuickBooks company file open on the Atom PC. Understand that if you ever need to switch to Single User Mode to perform certain administrative tasks, you will need to temporarily close the QuickBooks session for the Atom and then restart it when finished.