Component or Shape and Revision History

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Note: This is current as of August, 2017


Process Components have revision history while Process Shapes do not. It can be confusing with the Component and Shape labels, however, the below example will help to sort it out. For example:


There is a Map shape, as well as a Map component. The Map SHAPE will look like the below picture:


The Map COMPONENT will be referenced by the map shape and will be what you edit inside the shape. When you click on the pencil icon, in the above picture, to edit the map shape, the component is opened and is what you edit.


Notice that at the bottom right corner of the Map COMPONENT there is Revision History. Components have revision history, however shapes do not.


Even though shapes do not have revision history they have changes made to them tracked by the process, and will show in the process XML file. Process Components have their own XML files that track these changes. For the above example, the map shape will be referenced in the process XML. The map shape will reference the map component, which carries its' own XML file. The map component will then reference the profile components, for the incoming and outgoing profiles.


When you make a change to a shape that does not have revision history, the message shape for example, you will have to save the process to save those changes. If you want to revert to a previous version of this message shape, you will have to revert back to the version of the process that contains that version of the message shape.


Below is a list of shapes, and components, that have and do not have revision history, to help you in determining where it will be referenced and how to get to the older versions if necessary. 



Has Revsion History (Components)Does Not Have Revision History (Shapes)


Set Properties

Map Functions


Process Route


Processing Group (Trading Partner)

Program Command

When Editing Trading Partner Information

Process Call

When Editing Document Cache

Data Process

Any Profile (XML, Flat File, etc)

Find Changes


Add To or Load From Cache



Cross Reference Tables




The Entire Process




Custom Library

Return Documents

Process Properties

Flow Control


Business Rules




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