Setting Up and Utilizing Enhanced Test Mode

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Note: Enhanced Test Mode is an optional paid feature for use in the platform. To enable Enhanced Test Mode, please reach out to your Dell Boomi Account Manager. Some of this guide is taken from the Process testing help guide documentation.


Why Would We Need Enhanced Test Mode?

Test mode allows us to execute our processes within the build tab without the need of deploying a process directly to an atom. The limitation we commonly face in our Test Mode executions are the file count (100) and total file data limits (10 MB). Because of this, testing in high stress environments will almost always require a deployment in order to bypass the limits. Enhanced Test Mode allows us pass that limit. 


What is Enhanced Test Mode?

Enhanced Test Mode allows us to set our own maximum file count and data size for test mode on our local atoms/molecules/private clouds. You will not be to increase the limits on the Dell Boomi Clouds even if you have this feature enabled. When enabled on your account, you have to add two settings to the file (located in <<atom_directory>>/conf) file:


  • For maximum documents by file count (e.g. 1000): com.boomi.container.config.quota.TEST_MODE_MAX_DOCS=1000
  • For maximum data size (e.g. 100 MB): com.boomi.container.config.quota.TEST_MODE_MAX_BYTES=100000000


Alternatively, to remove the limitations of both, specify a negative value instead: 


  • For unlimited number of documents: com.boomi.container.config.quota.TEST_MODE_MAX_DOCS=-1
  • For unlimited data size: com.boomi.container.config.quota.TEST_MODE_MAX_BYTES=-1


An example of what this will look like in your file:



After making a change to your folder, restart the atom an allow the settings to take place. From there on, when testing a process, always be sure to select that Enhanced Test Mode configured atom in order to make use of the new maximums. 


Best Practices 

Try to always keep a healthy limit to the document count and byte sizes on all of Enhanced Test Mode configured local atoms/molecules/private clouds. Always be aware of which atoms are utilizing heavy I/O loads (disk performance) and memory loads (RAM performance). 

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