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This page is to address all frequently asked questions pertaining to our new Learning Management System (LMS). Any and all material is subject to change and this page will be updated periodically. If you are looking to get started with the LMS and have landed on this page in error, please navigate to the article located here: Get Started with Free On-Demand Training in the New LMS 


If any of the FAQs below do not include your experienced issue, contact the training team at and provide your First and Last Name, Email, Company Name, Atomsphere ID (if applicable) and a detailed explanation of the issue you are experiencing. Someone from our training team will assist you moving forward.


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Q. I have created an account on the LMS portal, but have forgotten my Password / Username, what should I do to recover my Password / Username?

A. Go to  and click on "Forgot Password" and follow the prompt from there. You will be required to have access to the Email Address registered to the account in order to reset your password. Your username should be the email address used to sign up the LMS account. 



Q. I have enrolled in a course, but did not have a Training Account automatically created for me. I already have a non-training Atomsphere account associated with my email. 

A. If you already have an Atomsphere account associated with your LMS account email, a training account may be created without alerting you via email. You can access this account by logging into your primary boomi account and at the top right where your account / company name is, select it and within the drop down, choose "Switch Account". Your training account name should be structured like the following: "Training-FirstName-LastName"  as seen below:



The turnaround time for a training account is about 15 minutes after enrolling in a course. If you are still unable to locate your training account, please email and provide your first name, last name and email used to register the LMS account. 


Q. I have registered for a course, but do not see the required materials for the training course.

A. Please be sure that you are currently logged into your Training Account ("Training-FirstName-LastName"). If you are not in your training account, please click on your account name located on the top right of the screen and choose "Switch Account" and provide the following format in the search: "Training-FirstName-LastName" as seen in the screenshot above. While in your training account, all training material can be found at the bottom left of the build tab screen located here:  under "Browse Process Library". As you progress through your training, you will be instructed to find each particular training material. The training material can be searched by name as seen below when searching for all processes with the name "prospect".

If you do not see any of your required training material as directed in the video, please reach out to and provide a description of the experienced issue.


Q. I want to take/enroll in an exam for a particular course set, but I cannot do so, why? 

A. In order to take any exams, you must first complete the pre-requisite course required to unlock it (Ex. New Developer 1 is required for Associate Developer Certification, New Developer 2 & 3 is required for Professional Developer Certification). 



Q. How long will I have access to my Atomsphere Training Account for?

A. Training Accounts are created with a 60 day expiration date. Upon any new course enrollment the training account will be extended 60 more days. Ex:

You enroll in Boomi Essentials Januaray 1st >> Training Account Expires March 1st

Then you: Enroll in Developer 1 February 5th>>Training Account now Expires April 5th


Q. How many times can I attempt a Certification?

A. You can attempt each assessment in a certification up to 3 times. After any failure to acheive a passing score of 80% your next attempt will be locked for a 5-day cool-down. Use this time to answer any gaps in your knowledge by assessing the community forums: and the user guide:


Q. Do I get to see what questions I answered correctly? 

A. We do not give the answers to the General Knowledge, Practical Application or Build from Scratch. We do give feedback instantly in the Practice Assessment you can take before the General Knowledge questions.


Q. I currently have the previous Integration Developer 1 & 2 exams, how is the content learned transferable in the new LMS Developer courses? 

A. The Integration Developer 1 & 2 certifications are equivalent to our Associate Developer Certification encountered in the New Developer Certification Path. As such, it is highly recommended that you still attend the developer track and work towards obtaining the Professional Developer certification.


A. As we no longer use for our exams, we will enable the Associate Developer exam for you upon request if you have an old Integration Developer I or II exam link from when you completed Instructor led training. Contact the training team @ Please provide First and Last Name, Email, Company Name and date you completed the instructor led training so we can verify attendance.


Q. My question isn't located on this page!

A. Contact the training team at and provide your First and Last Name, Email, Company Name, Atomsphere ID (if applicable) and a detailed explanation of the issue you are experiencing. Someone from our training team will assist you moving forward.

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