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This page is to address frequently asked questions pertaining to any topic related to Boomi Training.  Materials are subject to change and this page will be updated periodically. If you are new to Boomi and wish to get trained and enabled, please follow the link to the document located here: Getting Started With Boomi Training.


If the FAQs below do not answer your specific question or needs, contact our Education Services team at and provide your First and Last Name, Email, Company Name, Boomi Platform Account ID (if applicable) and a detailed explanation of the issue you are experiencing. Someone from our team will be happy to assist you.



Dell Boomi LMS

Q.   How do I get access to the LMS?

A.   Go to our website ( and click on Sign up under the Boomi On-Demand Training banner or the link for Free On-Demand Training.  Follow the guidelines found here: Dell Boomi LMS Sign Up.


Q.   What is required to sign up as a user in the LMS?

A.  In order to sign up for the LMS, you must have a valid company email and fill in all of the required fields.  Passwords must contain uppercase and lowercase letters, 1 number and be at least 8 characters in length. 


Q.   Why can't I log in to the LMS even after signing up?

A.  After signing up for the LMS, you will receive an email requesting verification of the email address used to sign up for the LMS.  Your LMS account will not become "Active" until your email address is verified.


Q.   Why can't I enroll in a Certification Path or any other courses?

A.   Boomi Essentials is the starting point for all training - Certification Paths or individual courses.  You must first complete the Boomi Essentials course before other Certification Paths or courses will be unlocked and available for enrollment.


Q.   How do I enroll in a course (On-Demand or Instructor-Led)?

A.   For an overview see Navigating the LMS.  Click on the Course Catalog section of your LMS account.  Find the course (or curriculum) of your choice and simply click Enroll.  If you wish to enroll in an Instructor-Led Online course, first view our class calendar at the bottom of the Boomi Training web page and identify the session you want.  From the Course Catalog, click Enroll next to the ILO course you want to attend and then select a specific class session. Payment for ILO remote training sessions can be made via the LMS.


New Certification Paths Curriculum

Q.   Why Certification Paths?  Why can't I just take whatever courses I want?

A.   Our Certification Paths (Developer, Architect and Administrator) are designed to provide a clear and comprehensive pathway towards competency and success with Boomi.  The courses contained in each Path have been developed to teach the core competencies that prepare you to pursue Dell Boomi Certification and the validation of your skills and proficiency in the Boomi Platform.  Ultimately we would encourage every user to take advantage of ALL of our training courses in order to be exposed to the breadth and depth of the Boomi Unified Platform.


Q.   What is the difference between the new Certification Paths curriculum vs the old Boomi "Integration" series of courses?

A.   Our new curriculum contains updated and enhanced versions of our original courses, completely new courses (Developer 3, Architect 3, Production Administrator 1, and Boomi Flow Essentials), as well as new Certifications (Professional/Associate Boomi Developer, Professional Boomi Architect, Professional Boomi Production Administrator).  Our new curriculum was designed to provide competency-based training versus simply exploring features and functionality.


Q.   What is the cost for training under the new Certification Paths curriculum?

A.   The great news is that ALL of Boomi's On-Demand training content is 100% FREE for all LMS users!  Instructor-Led Online(ILO) remote training for Certification Paths or individual courses are at an additional cost.  Pricing for ILO training can be found under the Course Catalog section of your LMS account.


Q.   What is the cost for Certification Exams?

A.   All certification exams can be taken FREE of charge as long as you have completed all of the core coursework required by your Certification Path (either in On-Demand or Instructor-Led format). 


Q.   If I have previously attended Boomi Training courses, do I need to retake them under the new curriculum?

A.   No you do not need to retake the courses under the new curriculum.  Please email Education services at and include your First and Last Name, Email, Company Name, course name(s) and the date(s) you attended.  Our team will update your LMS account and mark the equivalent courses under the new curriculum as completed so that you can continue down your pathway.  However, we would strongly encourage every user to review the updated & enhanced content in each course to see the differences in our new curriculum.


Training Accounts

Q.   What is a master Training Account and why do I need it?

A.   Master Training Accounts are Boomi Platform accounts that are provisioned for each registered LMS user.  Training Accounts provide an environment that allows you to get hands on experience with the Platform during training by doing hands-on activities.  Your Training Account is for use with all training and certifications under our new curriculum.  The processes you will need to complete class activities as well as the Practical sections of some Certification exams can be found through the Boomi Process Library and installed in your Training Account.  (Please note: Boomi Flow accounts are separate from master Training Accounts. If you need a Boomi Flow account, log in to the LMS, enroll in the Boomi Flow Essentials course and follow the video instructions to sign up for a Boomi Flow account.)


Q.   Why don't I have any processes or components loaded in my Training Account?

A.   Our new Certification Paths curriculum is designed to utilize the Boomi Process Library. Training Accounts no longer come pre-loaded with processes and components for training courses and certifications. See Process Library Content for Training and Certifications for more information.


Q.   How is a Training Account different from a Boomi "trial" account?

A.   Your master Training Account is NOT the same as a Boomi "trial" account.  Training accounts are primarily intended for training and certification purposes only.  They also provide access to the published Process Library content you will need for training/certification - "trial" accounts do not.  Your training account is NOT intended to serve as a "sandbox" development environment. (Please contact your Dell Boomi Account or Partner Manager if you need a "sandbox" trial account provisioned for your needs.)


Q.   How do I get a master Training Account?

A.   If you are a new LMS user, your master Training Account will be automatically provisioned for you approximately 15 minutes after you sign up.  If you are an existing LMS user and do not already have a master Training Account, one will be created for you approximately 15 minutes after you enroll in a course.  For more information, use this link: Master Training Accounts.


Q.   How do I access my Training Account?

A.   Please refer to the Access section of the following article:  Master Training Accounts.  If your scenario is not addressed or you are still having problems accessing your Training Account, please reach out to the Dell Boomi Education Services team at


Q.   How long will I have access to my Training Account for?

A.   Training Accounts are created with a 60 day expiration date. Each time you enroll in a course via the LMS, your Training Account will be extended 60 days. As long as you are actively doing training or pursuing your certification your Training Account will remain active.  See What to do if my Training Account expired?




Q.   What certifications does Dell Boomi Offer?

A.   Currently Dell Boomi offers certifications for Developers (Associate & Professional Developer), Architects (Professional Architect), and Administrators (Professional Production Administrator) that correspond with our defined Certification Paths curriculum.  Click here for more information.


Q.   I previously completed the old Integration Developer I & II certification exams. Is my Boomi Certification still valid?

A.   With the launch of our new Certification Paths curriculum, our old Integration Developer I & II certifications have been retired and are no longer being offered.  Users who have completed our old Integration Developer I or II certification exams will be granted Associate Dell Boomi Developer Certification status. 


Q.   I do not see my old certification(s) reflected in my LMS account.  How do I get my Associate Dell Boomi Developer Certification Status updated in the LMS?

A.   Check the My Transcript section of your LMS account. Under the Certificates section if you have existing certificates for Integration Developer 1 or Integration Developer 2, they have been updated with our new, branded Associate Dell Boomi Developer certificate.  If you do not see any existing certificates, please email the Dell Boomi Education services team at and provide as much information as possible - First and Last Name, LMS Username email, Email address used to register for our old certification exams, Company Name, exam(s) taken and date(s) completed.


Q.   I previously started the old Integration Developer I or II certification exam but was not able to complete it.  Can I continue from where I left off?

A.   Unfortunately no since our old certification exams have been retired and are no longer being offered.  HOWEVER, we can update your old exam progress into your Associate Developer Certification exam and allow you to continue from the appropriate section.  In order to do this, please do the following:

  • Make sure you are signed up for the Dell Boomi LMS and have an active account.
  • Email with your first and last name, LMS Username email, email address used to register for our old certification exam, company name, and exam(s) started. 


A.   Unfortunately, the link is for our old Certification platform,, which is no longer valid. The administration of all Certifications under our new Certification Paths curriculum has been migrated to the Dell Boomi LMS.  We will be happy to enable the Associate Developer exam for you upon request if you have an old Integration Developer I or II exam link from when you completed Instructor led training. Contact our team at Boomi_Training@dell.comPlease provide First and Last Name, Email, Company Name and the date you completed the old Integration Developer I or II instructor led training so we can verify your attendance.


Q.   What is the difference between the Associate and Professional Dell Boomi Developer Certifications?

A.   The Developer Certification Path has two levels of certification.  The Associate Dell Boomi Developer Certification is the first, entry level developer certification and provides foundational competencies. Our Professional Dell Boomi Developer Certification is our highest level of developer certification and provides a comprehensive set of core competencies that prepare users for sustained success with the Boomi Platform.  See Associate Developer vs Professional Developer for more details.


Q.   Do I have to complete the Associate Developer Certification exam before taking the Professional Developer Certification exam?

A.   No you do NOT need to take the Associate Developer Certification exam first.  The Associate Developer and Professional Developer Certification exams are not sequential.  Associate Developer is designed to assess basic core competencies while Professional Developer assesses the comprehensive set of core competencies that Developers would need.  If you choose, you may skip the Associate Developer exam, complete all of the required Developer Path coursework and pursue your Professional Dell Boomi Developer Certification directly.


Q.   I would like to enroll and take a Dell Boomi Certification exam but I cannot do so, why?

A.   In order to qualify to take a Certification exam, you must first complete the required coursework (in On-Demand or Instructor-Led Online format) for your Certification Path in order to unlock the exam. For example:

  • The Developer 1 course must be completed prior to taking the Associate Dell Boomi Developer Certification exam.
  • Developer 1, Developer 2 and Developer 3 courses must be completed prior to taking the Professional Dell Boomi Developer Certification exam.



Q.   What happens if I do not pass a section of my certification exam?

A.   You are provided with 3 attempts to pass each section of the exam and you must retake that section until a passing score is achieved.  If you do not successfully pass on an attempt, there is a mandatory 3 day "cooling off" period between attempts before another attempt will be unlocked.  Make use of this cooling off period to review your course materials and other resources (User Guide, Boomi Community) that are available to you in preparation for your next attempt.


Q.   Do I get to see what questions I answered correctly/incorrectly?

A.   In order to protect the validity of our Certification exams, we do not provide answers to any questions from any section of our exams. The LMS does not automatically generate reports with the results of your exam attempt.  However, instant feedback is provided in the Practice Assessment you can take before the General Knowledge questions.  If you have any questions regarding any section of your Certification exam, please email our team at and include your First and Last Name, LMS Username email, Company Name, current Certification Exam and Section, and a detailed explanation of your request.


Q.   Will I receive a copy of my certificate after completing a Certification exam?

A.   You can download your certificate directly from your LMS user transcript.  To access your transcript go to the Main Menu > My Transcripts.  You will NOT receive a copy of your certificate by mail or by email.