One way to use a SFTP Private Key Authentication file when using the Boomi Atom Cloud

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Is there any possibility to use SFTP connector with RSA keys authentication using Atom Cloud? 
I have tested successfully with an on-premise (local) atom configuration, however, we are looking for a way to put RSA private key to "somewhere" in order not to maintain an on-premise atom. You have for example functionality to add java libraries at account level.  Is this also possible for the SFTP connection Private Key Authentication value?



In the documentation below, it states that for SFTP connections, using a private key to identify a user is an alternate method for logging onto a server instead of using a password. This method is not available if you are using a Dell Boomi Atom Cloud. Examples of private keys are RSA and DSA.



For customers who only want to use Boomi Atom Clouds this presents a problem for their use case.




According to the article below, make use of the /work directories under an Cloud account, that are accessible by the cloud account owner.

Installation directories for Atoms, Molecules, and Atom Clouds 


Create a process to write/store the RSA key and/or the Known Host Entry to one of those directories and then retrieve it from that file path when you make the connection. Using this method allows for no local file access but for access from the Atom cloud, since it is using the accounts /work directories.

1)   Generate a RSA private file and via message shape, place it using the Disk shape to 'work/rsa' directory.  This will create the account '/work/rsa' directory as shown below.

process log show (using Test Atom Cloud):
Attempting to write file Sample_PrivateKey_OpenSSH.txt to directory /mnt/Test_Atom_Cloud_Store1/cloud/bod/accounts/<AccountID>/work/rsa
Wrote file name Sample_PrivateKey_OpenSSH.txt



2)  Now reconfigure SFTP connection as follows:

- Checkbox  "Use Private Key Authentication"

- Set the "Client SSH Key File Path" to "work/rsa/Sample_PrivateKey_OpenSSH.txt" , where in the '/work/rsa' directory the key will be found.


3)  Test new SFTP connection using the Private Key stored in the accountID '.../work/rsa' directory.