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This article discusses how to access the Support Center and create cases within the Boomi Community site. You must have an active support agreement with Dell Boomi to access the Support features. If not, you can take advantage of the many resources freely available in the Community including forums, articles, and examples.



Support Center Overview

The Support Center is where you can contact Dell Boomi technical support for product assistance and troubleshooting.


The Support Home page consists of:

  • (1) Quick links to helpful resources
  • (2) Technical Bulletins - Important product and support-related announcements
  • (3) Known Issues - Contains all published known defects currently in development. You can follow issues to be notified of status updates.
  • (4) Support Contact Information - Your contact options for your support entitlements and region.
  • (5) My Account Team - Your Dell Boomi account team for account and subscription inquiries.
  • (6) Support Cases - View your open support cases, closed cases, and cases created by other users within your organization.
  • (7) Live Chat




Accessing the Support Center

From within AtomSphere, go to Help > Support.



From within the Community, go to Support > Support Center.




If you are a partner administrator responsible for managing opportunities, upon logging in you will instead be redirected to the existing Partner Relationship Management (PRM) portal. You will continue to use the PRM portal for submitting and managing support cases as well.


Creating a Case

To submit a new case, under "Contact Us" click Create a Case.



Enter a subject and provide as much information about the issue or question as possible including a detailed Description, Error Message, and Steps to Reproduce (see Tips below). Attach any relevant log files, data files, screen shots, or other helpful information.


As you type the Subject and Description, suggested articles and content are displayed on the right to try to help you resolve the issue quickly. If a suggested article resolves the issue, when asked "Did this content solve your issue?", click Yes to abandon the case creation. Otherwise continue with creating the case.





When finished, click Submit. You will see your new case number and receive an email confirmation.




Viewing and Adding Comments

As our support agent works with you to resolve the issue, comments will be added to the case. You will see the conversation history below the case details as well as receive an email for each reply.


To post a reply, simply enter your message and click Comment. You can attach additional files as well.


NOTE: After entering a new comment, REFRESH your browser to see the new comment in the case history. We are working to improve this behavior.



When viewing the comment history, the text may appear trimmed. To view the full text, click the arrow in the Comment column header and select "Wrap Text".


NOTE: We are working to improve this behavior.



Tips to Help Resolve Issues as Quickly as Possible

The more information you can provide about the issue such as the context in which it occurred, your component configuration and relevant environment details, and what you have done already to troubleshoot, the quicker we can start working to a resolution. When in doubt, more details are always better.


A few tips:

  • Subject - An overall summary of the issue while still trying to be as specifically as possible
  • Description - Provide concise details of the issue and include any helpful information that will more easily point to the error logged in your account.
  • Error Message - Refer to the error generated by the process. Please include the relevant stack trace when necessary. This can be found within the Process Logs, on the Process Reporting page, or in the individual shapes' logs within Test mode. Whenever possible, copy the error message text rather than a screen shot of the error.
  • Steps Taken - Share the steps you have taken to troubleshoot the issue thus far. This can provide additional clarification on the issue and avoid recommendations that you have already tried.
  • Component/Process URL - The direct link (copied from your web browser) to the component which is experiencing the issue. This can include the full process, an individual component within the process design, a process reporting link, or a link to the atom/molecule/cloud.


Note: Screen captures and relevant files can be attached using the "Upload File" link at the bottom of the page.



Starting a Chat

When agents are available, click Chat with an Expert in the lower right corner of your browser:


Provide your name, email, subject of the issue, and click Start Chatting.


When the chat ends, a case will be created for your records or if further assistance is needed.