Community and Support Site Migration FAQ - October 27, 2018

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The Boomi Community is moving to a new home! We are excited to bring you a fresh and modern experience on the Salesforce Community Cloud platform. Here’s a list of what’s changing and what’s not. We welcome your comments and questions.


Check out the new Support Center: Boomi Support Center Guide 


IMPORTANT: The launch date has been changed to Saturday, October 27, 2018.


Be sure to FOLLOW this document for updates and watch for other email communications coming shortly.




Community: What’s changing / not changing?

A quick summary of notable changes:


What's NewWhat's Not Changing

Site look and feel and menu navigation

Content will be migrated, although organization, categories will be slightly different

Support cases will now be accessed through the Support section of the Community site, replacing the current Support Portal (more below)

URL will remain

URLs for content including knowledge articles, blogs, etc. will be slightly different. However URL redirects will be configured for migrated content and bookmarks

AtomSphere users will access/login via Single Sign On within the AtomSphere platform

Direct login option for non-AtomSphere, external users (invite only)

All current Community sections and programs (e.g. Ideas, Known Issues, Knowledge article, etc.) will be migrated to the new Community, however, with a new layout and content organization

Following content and email notifications will work slightly differently and will need to be configured (more below)

Groups will be recreated and have a different experience. You will need to rejoin any groups of which you were a member.


Why are we moving to a new platform?

We are moving to the Salesforce Community Cloud platform to provide a more holistic customer success hub. This will include not only the Community content and programs but also technical support cases. It will also provide opportunities for more self service capabilities in the future.


When is the migration happening?

The Community platform cutover is scheduled for Saturday, October 27 at 12 pm (noon) ET. Note this migration was previously scheduled for October 14. 


Will the Community be accessible during the migration?

On Friday, October 26 at 8 pm ET, the current Community site will be put into a read only mode. Although you will not be able to create new questions, comments, and ideas, you will still be able to view the forums, knowledge base articles, and other important content.


On Saturday October 27 at 12 pm (noon) ET, the Community site will be unavailable for a short amount of time. We anticipate this to be less than one hour.


Will there be any impact to the AtomSphere Platform, Atom Clouds, or Local Atoms?

No. There will be no impact or downtime to the AtomSphere Platform, Flow Platform, Dell Boomi hosted Atom Cloud runtimes, or your privately hosted Atoms, Molecules, and Atom Clouds.


Will the Community still be publicly viewable?

Yes. We strongly believe it is critical to share as much Boomi knowledge with the world as possible! As with the current Community,there will still be some private sections and groups reserved for members and customers.


The URL will remain


How will I log in?

To log into the Community to ask questions and engage, AtomSphere users will continue to log in via Single Sign On (SSO) from within the AtomSphere platform.


For non-AtomSphere users such as Boomi Flow and other external users, we will be introducing a direct login option to access the Community. Self-registration will still be disabled.


Will I need to re-register or re-create my profile?

No. Your basic user profile information including biography and avatar will be migrated. There will be some new fields added so this is a great opportunity to review your profile, update your bio, add an avatar if you don’t already have one, and confirm your notification preferences.


How will email notifications work?

You can receive email notifications for a variety of interactions such as other users replying to your question, commenting on your post, and @mentioning you. The full list of actions can be found in your profile. Notifications are sent per interaction. There is not an option to receive a periodic digest email, for example, once per day/week. You have the option to completely disable email notifications for these interactions as well.


Additionally, if you choose to explicitly follow certain content such as blogs, articles, and ideas, you will receive email notifications for activity related to that content including comments and updates. To no longer receive notifications, simply unfollow the content.


What will happen to my reputation points, level, badges?

We will be resetting the profile points on the new platform. All users will start with 0 points.


In a future release, we plan to introduce badging for various achievements. As part of that effort we will recognize both past and present contributors and champions.


What will happen to all my questions and other content?

Your content such as questions, comments, articles, blogs, and ideas will be migrated and associated with your profile. Your profile will still be following that content and will continue to receive email notifications for changes, replies, and comments.



Technical Support

As part of the Community site migration, we will be including the Support Portal functionality. Within the new Community site there will be a section for Support to contact technical support and manage your support cases. The current Support Portal will be decommissioned October 27 as part of the Community migration. You will access your support cases, live chat, and phone support numbers through the new Community site.


Check out the new Support Center: Boomi Support Center Guide 


Will I be able to access cases during the migration?

Yes. The current Support Portal will still be available when the Community site is in read only mode. The Support Portal will be unavailable for a short time on Saturday, October 27 at 12 pm (noon) ET during the cutover. We anticipate this to be less than one hour.


If you need to contact support during this short window, you may contact support via email at or phone (if eligible).


Will I still have access to old case information?

Yes. Your existing cases and history will be available. Case information is not being migrated--we have and continue to use Salesforce Service Cloud for case management--so this is a presentation-level change only.


How do I access support / submit cases?

You have two options for accessing the Support page:

  1. From within AtomSphere, go to help > Support. This will automatically log you in via Single Sign On and take you to the Support page.
  2. From within the Community, navigate to Support > Support Home. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in with your appropriate credentials to access your cases and support related information.


Will I be able to view cases from all users in my account?

Yes. This is not changing. You will be able to see all open and closed cases submitted by all users in your account.


Will this impact my current entitlements/case counts?

No. There is no impact to your entitlements or case counts. The same communication options will be available to you based upon your account’s entitlement.


Will case email notifications be affected?

Email notifications for case updates and replies will not be affected by this migration. You will continue to receive email notifications for new case submissions, when a support engineer comments on the case, and case status changes.


How will Partner Administrators be affected?

If you are a partner administrator responsible for managing opportunities, upon logging in you will instead be redirected to the existing Partner Relationship Management (PRM) portal. You will continue to use the PRM portal for submitting and managing support cases as well.



Where can I learn more / ask questions?

Once launched, visit the new site at and take the tour to get acquainted with your new home! Help guides and how-to videos will be available.


For questions/comments, please post a comment to this document below or email

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