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Cannot cancel forked execution due to the current configuration of this atom

Question asked by venkatakishorebabu.bellam on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by James Ahlborn

We are seeing below message on child node container logs of a multi node molecule while trying to terminate a process execution  multiple times And the process execution is not terminating


WARNING [com.boomi.execution.forker.DummyForkedProcessHandler cancelExecution] Cannot cancel forked execution execution-<ID> due to the current configuration of this atom


On Head node container logs seeing message like


WARNING [com.boomi.container.message.ProcessCancellationMessageHandler handle] Submitting process for cancellation execution-<ID>.  Cancellation request from <UserID>

INFO    [com.boomi.execution.BaseExecxutionForker handleAbortedExecutionCancellation] Attempting to send aborted response on cancellation for execution execution-<ID> with details <Host IP>[execution-<ID>] Account <Account Name> Process <Process ID>

WARNING [com.boomi.container.message.ProcessCancellationMessageHandler handle] Unable to cancel execution execution-<ID>.  Cancellation request from <User ID>

INFO    [com.boomi.execution.ExecutionManager handleFailedExecution] Not executing process ExecutionSubmission: ExecutionTaskConfig <Account Name>, proc: <Process ID>, id: <Execution ID>(dir: processes/<Process ID>, source: USER), ExecutionDetails <Process Name>, <Host IP>, Account<[Account Name]>: Process is already running, executionId execution-<ID> File process_log.xml for execution execution-<ID> is not readable