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HTTP Post Body not in URL

Question asked by blake.lassiter285843 on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by mmorthala189353

How can I use the Post command with the body sent as a Json profile? I have seen 2 articles related to this topic, but neither is direct in the answer I am looking for. I have a HTTP Client shape with parameters set to add the endpoint Uri, along with Authorization: bearer ...". I cannot modify my connection to include the endpoint Uri, because it may change based on the user. I am connecting to DocuSign as follows:


Connection URL: ""

HTTP Method: Post

Request Headers

    Authorization: "bearer ..."

    Accept: "application/json"

Resource Path




The body that I want to send is:


    "carbonCopies": [],

    "signers": [{

        "email": "email",

        "name": "name",

        "recipientId": "1"




My thought was to make a request profile that would contain the Json body. However, I get an error for an invalid format on the Json format; I don't know why, because that is valid. I am hardcoding the values of the body for now, so there is no source on a map.