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Atom for Integration b/w Cloud and On-Prem Applications

Question asked by vimanchanda176746 on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by pkundharam225590

Hi All,


We do understand the purpose of local atom and cloud atom, but what are the best practices to consider when Implementing a integration b/w Cloud and On-Prem applications ?


1. Is Local Atom sufficient ? If yes, then Is there any configuration that need to be done to connect to cloud applications ?


2. Is Cloud atom sufficient ? If yes, Do we need to enable any port to connect to on-prem applications except one listed in Hostnames andIP addresses for connecting with Dell Boomi 


3. This one is quite interesting for me. Should be go for Hybrid model i.e an atom sitting in the cloud and an atom sitting in local talking to each other? If yes, What are the configurations required from security and installation perspective ?


If we were to scale up the solution i.e add more cloud applications in future, would # 3 be better option ? Pls. share your thoughts.