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Multi Trigger vs Single Trigger

Question asked by mrelzer on Sep 5, 2017

I'm going to try and test this out by creating two different processes and then run them to see what kind of process time issues we run in to... but I thought before I get to that, might be worth seeing if anyone has already done something similar.


We're going to transfer serial numbers from SAP to a database using Boomi. The default behavior would be to create a single IDOC for each serial number. Through some customization we believe we could get a single IDOC with all of the serial numbers. 


Logically, it seems to be that a single IDOC would process faster, but I'm guessing the "choke point" will actually be the writing to SQL, which I feel will be the same with either version of the process (writing one serial number at a time to SQL -- though I'm making an assumption that Boomi would do that).


If it were a few serial numbers at a time, I don't think the difference would be enough to worry about, however our process could send a couple thousand at the same time. Has anyone done any sort of measuring on something like this to be able to report on issues (time or otherwise) that we should take in to account?