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Molecule Set up, Molecule Node

Question asked by lawson_it_support275393 on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by Srinivas Chandrakanth Vangari

Boomi Team, 

I am trying to understand the Molecule architecture, please help me out.


1. Are molecule nodes same as atoms that are part of molecule cluster?

2. Is molecule different from atom? or is molecule can be either of the atoms that are part of molecule cluster?

3. Per Boomi, we need 4 servers for complete Fault tolearance set up

       -- Molecule node1 (this is atom1)?

       -- Molecule node2 (this is atom2)?

       -- File share server (does molecule has to be installed here?  i believe it is required for Fault tolerance)

       -- backup server

4. There is some confusion regarding molecule being the head node. Is molecule really the head  node, besides the 2 nodes in the above set up (atom1 and atom2). 

5. Is molecule software constantly checking hearbeat of atom1 and atom2 to distribute the load?

6. when the load needs to be distributed, say the requirement is to poll for the files in a disk. I have 50 files in a disk, i want approximately the load to be distributed between 2 atoms (25 files each). Is molecule running on shared server is distributing this load?

7. When we have to do installation, do we have simply select the molecule and the molecule will automatically deploy the process into 2 nodes of molecule?

can someone walk through the process how a disk read process can be deployed in molecule for achieving High Availability and Load balance?