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Open API Call for Multiple Documents

Question asked by umashankarboga101481 on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by umashankarboga101481


I am trying to use Open API using the following URL{PinCode}


There is no need any authorization to call above API 


My process was designed as follows


My Disk Shape is used to read pincodes from text file 


My HTTP Client was setup as follows

Response Profile  looks as follows


Set Properties shape has the following information 


Map shape 


With above setup, everything is working fine and i am getting response from the http Connector 

But the issue is for multiple documents 

While Testing i am able to call HTTP Connector one for 1st Parameter 

I am not sure how to extend this Process to multiple Parameters


Execution Process

Disk Connection Data looks as follows


Map Shape Source Data

& Set Properties Shape Source Data

Looks as follows



Http Client Shape Source Data looks as follows


Http Client Connection Data looks like




But My requirement is i should run the Http Client for the other 2 pincodes also 


Can anyone help me in this regard