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Not able to understand the given use case

Question asked by ravi.suryawanshi370346 on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by soniyaashok.kanase

Please check following use case:

( Attachment will show how I have approach to it )


Write records with a ‘New’ status to the NEW_CONTACTS database table. Use the ‘FTP to DB’ Connection component to connect to this resource. Check the CONFIRM_CONTACTS database table for a given record’s ID. If it exists, get the status field from the column and populate the field within the document(s) before inserting into the NEW_CONTACTS database table.



In this decision shape - 

I have used first value from XML profile of  CONTACTS  and  second value from database profile of CONFIRM_CONTACTS.

But I have strong feeling of its wrong, and instead I should be using maps but have no Idea about it