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Error "Failed to load PDF document."

Question asked by on Feb 7, 2018
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Hi All ,


Requirement : Create a Boomi API to generate a PDF document . And this API will be called from an Angular application link as "Download PDF" button ?


Implementation : I have created a Boomi API and the process to generate the PDF , Its a HTTP GET API - based on the input request parameter I will call the process and the process will query the Database to get the content and the disk operator will convert the content into a PDF file . I am using itextpdf to generate the PDF .


Error : On requesting the url from the browser I am getting the following error -

Error "Failed to load PDF document." 
Please see the attachment with the error.
Note : I believe I am missing something related to the HTTP Header etc.. while creating the API . Because the process as such can generate the PDF and works good , I have tested this by sending the attachment as an email , but when I call the process using API via HTTP GET operation from the browser it gives me an error. Your help is much appreciated .
An example code will work great .
Thanks !