Integration with Azure Queue Storage

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Integration with Azure Queue Storage can be done with HTTP Client Connector.
Connection is done using shared access signature that works for blob, file, queue and table.


Steps to integrate with Azure Queue Storage


  1. Create a storage account in Azure
    • Go to "Storage accounts" in Microsoft Azure 
    • Click "Add" and define storage account name and resource group
  2. Create a queue
    • Select your storage account and go to "Queue Service" / "Queues"
    • Define a new queue name
  3. Generate Shared Access Signature
    • Go to your storage account and "Shared access signature"
    • Set start and expiry dates
    • Click "Generate SAS"
    • Copy "Queue service SAS URL"
  4. Create HTTP Client Connection in https://platform.boomi.com 
    • Set base path of SAS URL to URL
  5. Create HTTP Client Operation 
    • Use your queue name with "/messages" in the resource path
    • Add token from from the SAS URL to the resource path
  6. Add test payload to the process e.g. with Message shape. The message will be in QueueMessage and MessageText XML elements.
  7. Test your process and view the data in Azure
    • Go to your storage account and "Queue Service" / Queues and select your queue