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Issue Single vs Multiple Records with Flow control/Batches

Question asked by faisal.ali397074 on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by faisal.ali397074

Hi All,

In Boomi, I have a process that:

a) queries a SQL server database table for 1 or multiple records (at the moment, the batch setting on the database operation is set to 0)

b) check each of the records key value against the vendors API (Successfactors)

-if record exists, using a flow control, batch up to 10 records, and then go ahead and UPDATE the records into the vendor system using API

-if record does not exist, write error to SQL Server database table, stop and continue


Now what is happening is:

In the case I have only one record to UPSERT, and that record is invalid, the process gracefully fails the check, writes the error to the database, and stops as expected.


In the case I have two records, one valid and one invalid, both records pass the check for validity and both are reported as successfully Updated into the system - which is impossible since the invalid record does not exist in the API!


Now, if I put a flow control before b) above, and run each document individually, then the valid record is successful in updating, and the invalid record is unsuccessful - correct behavior. However, for 100's of records, the performance degrades sharply and is unacceptable (I am updating from a local atom to an external vendor API)


Any help is appreciated