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Getting "Unrecognized content in database write token" on insert

Question asked by brian.lindley422853 on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2018 by sunny_bansal

Does anyone have any insight on what may cause this?


I have a Postgres connector that I have setup near the start of my process flow that does a select - this works just fine and I've attached the operation (PG Select Op) and the profile (PG Select Profile) for reference.


To be clear, this select ("Get") operation works fine - I pull back my "event_id" and everything is great.  Later in the flow however, I use this exact same Postgres connector to do an insert ("Send")...when I get to this step in the process, I get back a message saying "Unrecognized content in database write token".


For the insert, I've attached the operation (PG Insert Op) and the profile (PG Insert Profile).  For testing purpose, note that my insert statement is just a static statement (in the real use case, I would obviously be mapping in the specific data I want to insert, I'm just trying to keep it easy for testing).


My instinct is there must be something wrong with my insert syntax, but the odd thing is that I can go directly to our Postgres instance and run this exact same statement using the exact same user that I have used in the Boomi configuration and it works fine.  What might I be missing?


Any help would be much appreciated!