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Array to multi-dimensional array JSON output

Question asked by darren068106 on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by Adam Arrowsmith

Hi All


I am relatively new to Boomi and I am having some difficulties trying to translate the flat JSON data from a profile to another JSON profile which uses a repeating model of



"entryTypeID": "XXX",

"entryValue": "XXX"



for each line of the address


I can use scripting to determine if the addrexky is 1 or 0 but I do not know how to repeat the lines out to the destination profile with the model above. Is there a better way to achieve this maybe with the "Message" object before the data connector? And constructing it elsewhere or maybe the "Data Process" custom scripting? If anyone has any information on how I can achieve this I would much appreciate it


I have identified with red lines where the mappings are to take place and also note that this information is inside a parent array [] marked in orange rectangles. I want to be able to populate the destination JSON only if the addrexky is equal to 1 which means this is the main record


I can explain it in more detail if need be


Many thanks