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Trying to find the most efficient way to move Salesforce Objects using boomi

Question asked by wilfer.martinez626960 on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by prudhvisiddharth410881

Hi All, (new on Boomi)


I am trying to incrementally move some objects from Salesforce to SQL server. 


for example, 


I am trying to move Salesforce AgentWork object to a sql server database incrementally (sql server has the same table name). I already created a process in boomi where I am doing a full load firs of this AgentWork object and then next time it runs it goes into the decision tree for the incremental process. 


In the incremental piece what I notice about this process is that if for example I have 100 new records coming in from AgentWork object from salesforce,  boomi will handle each document individually. 

for example, when I am checking if the record already exist in sql server table I am doing the following and setting result to a "Dynamic Document Property" 


SELECT Count(1)
FROM Salesforce.AgentWork with(nolock)


How can I check several documents at the same time to see if they already exist on sql server table? 

How can I do a bulk insert using boomi?


I am afraid if one of these objects starts getting 100k every 30 minutes, we will start noticing a slow down and the numbers of call we have to make to the database will increase. 


Any feedback or explanations will be greatly appreciated. 


see attached