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How to get specific child elements where a parent already has an identifier instance?

Question asked by kacrouse on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by kacrouse

I'm having some issues grabbing the correct elements out of an XML profile using identifier instances. I'm not sure if I'm trying to do something that identifier instances aren't capable of or if I'm not doing something correctly.


My source XML profile looks something like this:

XML Profile

My target XML profile looks something like this:

target profile


I need to be able to get the following from the source profile and map to a single target profile:

  • @name from CONTACT where @type = 'Client'
  • @city, @state, @street from ADDRESS where @type = 'Property' on CONTACT where @type = 'Client'
  • @address from EMAIL on CONTACT where @type = 'Client'
  • @number from PHONE where @primary = '1' on CONTACT where @type = 'Client'


I've tried adding an identifier instance to CONTACT that includes each of these qualifiers (@type = 'Client', @type='Property', and @primary = '1'). Because there are multiple ADDRESS elements of different @type's and multiple PHONE elements (only one with @primary = '1'), the Map is producing an output document for each ADDRESS and PHONE it sees.


Is this possible with just a qualifiers and identifier instances? Or do I need to do something more complex?