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Boomi API Management question

Question asked by eizquierdo372277 on Feb 20, 2018

Hi all. I am fairly new to Boomi. I tried looking for this in the community but was unable to find anything, so I'll ask a new question...


I have an application that I created elsewhere and deployed to AWS. This application exposes a ReSTful API. I wish to manage this API through Boomi. Is it possible?


So far I have not found any material on this regard.


By "manage" I mean:

  • Create security policies
  • Create Usage policies
  • Create events and alerts
  • Throttle endpoint usage
  • Generate custom reports
  • etc

I have done all of this with tools by other platforms (Mule's API Manager, Apigee Edge), but now I want to see whether or not I can do the same with Boomi. Any help is greatly appreciated.