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Error Handling Subprocess - Dynamic Document Property Problem

Question asked by cristi936523 on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by cristi936523

I made a simple error handling subprocess that I am supposed to use as a service for other processes, so it provides some basic error handling and reporting to a tech support mailbox. The integration is a simple integration with the file cabinet of NetSuite.


What problem I have is, as the main processes run two separate files sequentially, I see that some Dynamic Document Properties set at the Catch branch before the Error Handling subprocess appear to be getting deleted at the time the 2nd file is sent trough the subprocess, as the subprocess sends two mails, one with the proper Subject and Error Type, and one with these properties being either blank or GENERIC_ERROR.


The main processes:

I have two subprocesses:

1. The error handling subprocess:

The error handling subprocess

2. The Checksum process:

The checksum process

In the main process, at the catch branch, I have a Set Properties shape before the error handling subprocess:

The decision shape from the error handling subprocess:

Inside the error handling subprocess, in the two Set Properties shapes that go trough true and false respectively:

- True branch: Set Properties with Mail - Subject Static 'Generic Error' + A distribution list for the Mail - To Address

- False branch: Set Properties with Mail - Subject Dynamic Document Property of 'ERROR_TYPE'(the ERROR_TYPE from the Set Properties shape before entering the subprocess) + A distribution list for the Mail - To Address

Then I have a bit of formatting with HTML inside the message shape before the mail connector.