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Unable to parse result set containing CASE statement

Question asked by shawn.mccord413145 on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by leif_jacobsen

Getting the following error when executing a database query:


Unexpected error executing process: com.boomi.connector.ConnectorException: Unable to parse result set.


Here is my query.  Which works fine in my test PostgreSql database.  Is Boomi not able to handle the Case Statement?


Select distinct personid,personnumber,badgenumber,senioritydate,firstname,lastname,workemailaddress,proftransferset,primaryjob,primaryorganizationid,birthdate,
CASE WHEN birthdate is null then 'N'
CASE WHEN date_part('year',age(current_date, (date(birthdate))))< 18 THEN 'Y'
WHEN date_part('year',age(current_date, (date(birthdate)))) >= 18 THEN 'N'
END as IsMinor
from _wfd_employee_current_data