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Error invoking soap operation; Caused by: Connection timed out

Question asked by charlesm118952 on Feb 23, 2018

Hello Boomi Community and pioneers of this world.


I am operating an interface between SuccesFactors and SAP ERP through Boomi. the interface after running for almost a year presented an issue where it was believed that the API query was not retrieving all the records or time off transactions from Successfactors EC module. for troubleshooting purposes the admin user, AdminAPI was reset for password change and I accessed the interface and set the new password for the specific interface and all others as well so it can still be able to connect and retrieve data authentically. 


the problem that is occurring now: the process run but halts after a try/catch logic knowing that the process runs abnormally for too long before completion and generate the following error "Error invoking soap operation; Caused by: HTTP transport error: Connection timed out; Caused by: Connection timed out" on each record retrieve and it never reaches the second connector where it is supposed to register the information on SAP side. 


the interface runs on one connector that gets info from SF and another connector and register info into SAP so in the detailed log the process is stopping on the checkups of the first connector and never reaching the connector, all this happened after the password change. normal process info log is shown in attached picture C4.


C3 is the incomplete ran process c1 and c2 is where I entered the new password. 



as for connection time out; i researched few cases in here and asked the ABAP consultant to connect to that service endpoint and notified me that the system is up and running so i am lost in here, on what could still be the reason for the process to time out due to connectivity. it is connecting thru port 8000


N.B I appreciate if you can contact me on or skype id thank you.