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MySQL separate Header and Line tables?

Question asked by vfalk on Mar 2, 2018

All, I am currently working on an integration from a Database to NetSuite. The database separates their data into two tables per order,  header details and line details. I've been thinking about the possible design:


Main process : Query header details

Sub Process : Query Line Details associated with the header values in the main process


I want me Sub Process to be configured like a "for loop", for every header row returned from the database, call the sub process and add the entire order (header and lines) to NetSuite. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? It must be some kind of decision shape or branch?


Also, do I have to separate the maps? Meaning 3 maps:

Map 1 : Header information

Map 2: Array of detail information

Map 3: Header AND Array of detail information - Not quite sure how I will combine the maps yet.


Any/all advice is much appreciated!