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Loop in a process based on delimited DPP

Question asked by ChadWatson7251 on Mar 1, 2018
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I have a process that needs to run a branch X times.  The branch calls a sub-process with a dynamic process property set in advance which determines the action it takes when called.

There are times where I need to call that sub-process multiple times, but would rather not have multiple copies of the sub-process as I don't know how many times it will be called (1-10 times).


I'd like to set a variable like this.

dpp_object = account,contact,distributor


Then figure out a way to call the branch 3 times - once for each delimiter in the dpp.  I would set another dpp to current delimiter prior to calling the sub-process.


It's like I would need to somehow split the dpp and then loop through the branch multiple times based on that.  I could have a return from the CRM Stringmap Cache sub process that would allow me to loopback on itself potentially.


This is all called before a Source Connector is called so no document in play.  Just filling caches first.