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What is the impact on API Management tier 1 license when calling Boomi webservices from Boomi?

Question asked by roelofjan.bouwknegt821144 on Mar 1, 2018
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We would like to know what the impact is on API Management tier 1 license when doing multiple webservice calls from a Boomi process to a Boomi webservice using the HTTP Client Connector.



In a customer project where API Management is used it is required to do multiple webservice calls from 1 process to another process in the same Boomi environment. 1 bulk xml sent by SAP containing 6500 separate messages is received by Boomi and is split by Boomi using a Data Process Shape into 6500 separate messages.


What didn't work: send the 6500 messages in a short amount of time from SAP to Boomi. Time outs happen as our Privat Atom Cloud is only capable of dealing with 20 concurrent webservice calls.


We also tried to use queuing, both Boomi and AzureServiceBus queuing but performance is poor.


We want to call subprocesses asynchronously.

  • Is this a good way of using Boomi? (we used discussion Asynchronous Subprocess as an example)
  • What is the impact on API management license as the maximum for tier 1 is 100000 calls per day?

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