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100% offline operation

Question asked by on Mar 2, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by James Ahlborn

We have a need for 100% offline operation, and I am wondering if this is possible?  We have a hardened network of integrated control systems (ICS) at an industrial facility. 


ICS is separated from the LAN with a DMZ layer.  The only way data can come  out of ICS is to push into a SFTP server in the DMZ, then pull from the LAN side.  Conversely, the only way into ICS is to push into the DMZ's SFTP server, and pull it in from the ICS side.  


We want to use Boomi on the ICS network, but with it being hardened and completely offline, I'm not sure if Boomi can be used.  


Is there some way to execute Boomi processes in a 100% disconnected environment?