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Dynamic Lookup for externalizing field names

Question asked by on Mar 4, 2018
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Hello All,


I have the following task which i am trying to achieve using Boomi built functionalities: Please let me know for any ideas.


Method 1: I was able to do this using Groovy script by hard coding in Data Shape but i want to do externalizing the                   Lookup values so that i can change the values anytime.

Method 2 : I tried using map shape with Cross ref table but i dont think we can call cross ref table using groovy script                    so failed here 


I am still researching on the Atomsphere API's too if we could use it for updating the meta data of the map, but we have to maintain another object for doing the lookup of the field names.


Dynamic Lookup of the field names in cross ref table :


Element1 - Target1;

Element2 - Target3 ;

Element3 - Target2 ;


Input Json:



"Element1" : "Value1",

"Element2" : "Value2",

"Element3" : "Value3"



Expected  Json Output :



"Target1" : "Value1",

"Target3" : "Value2",

"Target2" : "Value3"