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Input Profile validation in HTTP client connector

Question asked by balasubramanya.ramaswamaiah077610 on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by Sjaak Overgaauw

Hi folks,

is there any out of the box validation on the input and output profiles for HTTP client connectors?

I am trying to invoke an API (exposed by Boomi) via SOAP UI. Though the input XML is wrong, I dont see any errors inspite of Try/Catch exception.


I have a Boomi API which acts as a wrapper for a third party API.

I have a HTTP client connection and an operation to invoke the third party REST API.

Seems like the third party REST API is not throwing any error though the input is wrong. So the last step in Boomi API, which is 'Return Documents' is returning the same input that I pass.


So I introduced a Business rules step to validate the XML node before invoking the third party API, which is behaving as expected and its exiting when the input is wrong.I just want to know if there is any out of the box feature in Boomi for validation of incoming request against the configured profile.


Thanks for your help.


kind regards, Bala