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Time clock ( timesheet integration package with successfactor)

Question asked by charlesm118952 on Mar 6, 2018

Hello amazing people,



I wonder if anyone can help me find or supply me a pre package kind of integration between time machine ( punch in) and Boomi to be registered in timesheet section in SuccessFactors. 



I also need to present a certain scenario and acquire you analysis on the prdicted behaviour of the system or how to deal with such cases. 


1 employee apply on 3 days leave

2 the employee was urged to attend the office for a technical problem related to his field

3 what happens in this case and how the system and the integration process behave with successfactors does the leave request or vacation gets cancelled or it is modified for two days instead of three, or it is only registered in the machine and never reflected through integration process into EC time off ?!!! to adjust the leaves and the balance and register the time in the timesheet clock section in ec also. ?


maybe the  last part is related to successfactors but i wonder if anyone can help on the Boomi side