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Custom Field is missing in SuccessFactors OData API Query Response Profile

Question asked by 51321566 on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by arjun_rajagopal02644053



We have recently introduced a new custom field as per Business requirement in one of the SuccessFactors entity and provided access to 'Query' this object and also to make 'Upsert' operations through OData API calls. Then, we tested this by making OData API call for getting metadata of this entity using Postman tool and could see this newly added custom field in the response XML profile.


However, when we tried to import this object in Boomi through SuccessFactors Connector Query Operation this newly created element is missing in the SuccessFactors Response Profile.


I have even checked this link but I do not want to use SFAPI CompoundEmployee object.


Can anyone please guide me on how I can fix this issue ?


Thanks in advance for your support and time.