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Future Rehire Condition

Question asked by indrasena on Mar 9, 2018

Hi All,


I have a below query could anyone please help me.


Future rehires (Employment_information.start_date > system date and jobinformation.event = ‘R’ on employment_informartion.start date) are included, if the previous employment has been terminated before or on current date.
jobinformation.startdate <= system date >= jobinformation.enddate record which emplstatus is T or R -> Future rehire data should be sent. The data valid on the future rehire date (employment details.start date) is fetched

IF future rehire employee is not terminated on current date (emplstatus is not T nor R) , the data of the current date is fetched. Note! Start date of the employment is taken from jobinfomation.jobEntryDate and the end date of the employment is left empty (because employment_information block includes date of the future rehire, not current employment)