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RedPrairie(SmartTurn): Unknown error when using Import Wizard for new Operation

Question asked by cfung628231 on Mar 9, 2018

I encounter this error when adding a new Connector Operation in RedPrairie On Demand WMS with Import Wizard.

(New Component > Type: Connector Operation, Connector: RedPrairie On Demand WMS > Import button)

RedPrairie (SmartTurn) Import Wizard for new Operation Error

The Connection to RedPrairie (SmartTurn) is correct, I double-check, especially when the Operations and Processes that I created last week still run properly and generate precise output. The issue appear when I try to create additional Operation (and even when edit the currently working Operations).

The same error appears when I try in different accounts, different machines, different atoms.


I would appreciate all help and advice regard the issue.